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A global industrial group, Poliform has roots in Brianza, a breeding ground for excellence in furniture-making close to the cradle of international design and home furniture - Milan. Poliform represents a journey driven by creativity and production excellence, a history shaped by a unified design vision, a culture of making furniture with international influences, and a brand that reflects not only the company’s roots but also its future. Grown from an artisanal business in 1942 to the larger operation established in 1970, Poliform’s headquarters today are comprised of an impressive network of seven campuses located within a few kilometers from each other, with 115,000 square meters of production facilities, executive offices and showrooms. Poliform provides a consistent style through the entire home, from the living room to the bedroom and the kitchen - with Varenna -  through the use of integrated systems that form the essentials of rational, well- coordinated compositions. What makes Poliform distinct is its production, which is 100% Made in Italy, attention to detail, quality materials, design innovation, and its range of solutions aimed towards answering the diverse needs of home consumers around the world. Poliform offers a sense of belonging and a harmonious style, a coordinated and complete home, informed by the company’s awareness of its place in a 70-year history marked by innovation. Poliform continues its mission to design furniture for homes that are exclusive, and extraordinary

MC Meroni & Colzani brand results from the fusion of two historical artisan realities, performing their business in
Brianza for over 50 years.
MADE in ITALY is a key concept: all products and tailor-made projects designed by MC Meroni & Colzani have been
manufactured by 100% Italian craftsmen, who can shape and treat fine materials, like wood, leather and value
fabrics, and can use latest technology to grant amazing processing.
Our aim is to impress, to innovate and to drive away the time with shapes that follow past styles, but reinterpreted by
using new materials and finish.

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Always a leader in Italian furnishing, SCIC turns 70 and from 1948 has come a long way. The soul of the Company grew up and has evolved concurrently with developments and changes of our country and international context. Today SCIC studies, designs and produces the complete furniture for the house and it exports its products all
around the world on the basis of true Made in Italy. The Roman luxury Maison FENDI and SCIC, leader in the kitchen sector, share the value of highest craftsmanship that, combined with the highest technology and greatest attention to materials and techniques, has given life to an innovative yet artisanal product.
FENDI CUCINE pays tribute to the tradition of the Roman Maison by narrating an exclusive world, based on constant research and innovation to generate unique combinations of remarkable stylistic impact. Kitchens of timeless elegance where aesthetic and functional parameters blend in harmony to create an atmosphere of convivial comfort, in expressive continuity with the living area.

Rolf Benz has been producing sofas for more than 50 years. Some say they are the most desirable sofas made since humans discovered the sheer physical pleasure of sitting back and relaxing but not quite lying down. They may have conquered the world, but these highly prized zones of relaxation originate from a tiny, peaceful spot on the edge of the Black Forest by the name of Nagold.
Its sofa ranges are designed to give every individual the freedom to think around corners, to line up in rows, to adjust and adapt, even to create our own ergonomy. Spearheading furnishing trends today are individually hangable, multifunctional sofas with adjustable seat heights and depths. Infinitely variable headrests, variably mountable and adjustable backrest and side cushions, depth adaptation – all these features invite us to find our very own favorite position for relaxation. The Rolf Benz sofa has become the ultimate made-to-measure suit for our homes. Behind the somewhat innocuous term “system furnishing range” is in reality nothing other than the core competence which has distinguished the Rolf Benz brand.

The beginnings of Flos (meaning “flower” in Latin) blossomed from a brilliant idea: to create objects, starting with a light bulb, that would change the way of life for both the Italian market and the foreign markets. In the Flos vision, there are and always will be totally new types of lighting. New ones that have to be studied, developed and produced with a radical, groundbreaking attitude, and still balancing it with the cultural rigor on which Flos was founded. The Flos collection is a prime example, where the architects, designers and design-artists have been creating the icons of tomorrow, producing lighting fixtures as sculptures, balancing acts of form, playing games. The Flos Architectural line encompasses a wider, environmental vision to include the workplace, entertainment and even the non-places of mass consumption. Flos Outdoor focuses on natural spaces like gardens, parks and landscapes. As Philippe Starck says: “There is no difference between artificial and natural light. It’s just a matter of transmission – ions and photons remain the same.”

Light as an art 

The factory grew from the design studio that has been working successfully around 10 years creating and implementing interiors. Factory designers before the Sagarti brand appeared have thoroughly studied trends, directions, and preferences in light objects. One day the moment has come. They wanted something more: feel the creativity in their own hands, create something own, special. Creative energy was directed to the sphere of light. Alexander, one of the factory founders says that light has immense power, it can transform interior, fill it with life and create atmosphere. Without light objects, space remains a form without content. The idea was implemented on the level of modern technologies and market requirements, combining manual labor, the highest assembly quality, and contrasting materials: optical fiber, porcelain, and Swarovski crystals. Such an approach allowed to implement a unique design, turning the Light into a real masterpiece! In Russia, Australia, Germany, and Qatar we became a part of fulfilling commercial and private spaces, which gives us confidence in ourselves and produced goods. Sagarti today is a team of designers inspired by nature and environment and unique manufacturer that combines meticulous hand labor and latest engineering developments.

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