Eden House, private getaway, Ho Tram, Vietnam 2019, Concept Design

PRINCIPAL ARCHITECT Ljupce Jovanovski, M. Arch.

Another iteration of our "Plug-In-Plug-Out" concept. Idea is to create a series of GARDEN ambiences that are composing our Eden House...we drew our inspiration from biblical gardens of Eden. Ambiences are appearing as we move along, that are organically shaped around very natural materials and forms! We take a short trip around the world, with Zen Garden at the entrance and Rain Forests at the Dining Garden, to Mediterranean ambience in the Master Bedroom and American Loft in the Living Garden... As AFFORDABLE housing project, we were focused on expeling anything that is not necessary to be there. We played with exposed raw but noble materials, such as brick walls, cement floors, concrete...we tried not to introduce any item or finish that is not serving the main theme of the house, being a perfect getaway from a busy city life!