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Dragon Pearl 246 He Development | Nha Trang, Vietnam 2017/18 | Pre Feasibility Study | Programing & Scheduling | Master Plan Concept Design

PRINCIPAL ARCHITECT Ljupce Jovanovski, M. Arch.

Development was conceived as 5+ Star Hospitality Complex of seven Resorts situated on main island Hon Thi and Hon San: family (Red Pearl), marina (Pink Pearl), romantic getaway (Moon Bay Pearl), wellness getaway (Green Pearl), high-energy (Turquoise Pearl) and two high-end villa only lifestyle resorts (Blue Pearl). On the North West side there are two small islands reserved for VIP exclusive and individual Development (Golden Pearl).

We developed three major components that accompanied base Program in a form of Amber Peak Center (within of Green Pearl), Marina with Facilities (within Pink Pearl) and Aquatic Center, with Blue Safari, Maritime Museum, Schools and Aqua Park (Black Pearl component). 

Blue Safari: There were only handful of references across the globe! Intent was to build Aquatic Center, UNIQUE on a global scale, so as in any pioneering work there was no benchmark or referral point. Blue Safari was developed as a cluster of FIVE Underwater Tanks / Aquariums executed in concrete, with gravity operated sand filtration system, featuring four acrylic underwater 2.4m wide tunnels for our future visitors. Thickness of acrylic tunnel segments was from 8cm minimum and represented major cost sensitive component. Thickness varied depending on underwater tank depth and Ocean Species exhibited and it reached 24cm maximum. We developed one big circular Shark Tank with approx.. 2,500 m3 water capacity with its own 100m long acrylic tunnel and three fish tanks smaller in size, around 1,500 m3 with underwater visitor tunnels approximately 80m long. Each.

Central Tank (~3,000 m3) featured Underwater Restaurant 5m in diameter with perpendicular positioned main tunnel also 100m long.

Next features of the Center were Underwater Diving and Submarine Tours in real environment of waters between Hon Thi and Hon Son islands. We developed system of safety nets and highly controlled environment of aquatorial space where we could have visitors submerge and enjoy real underwater adventure! Submarines were conceived as electric powered, so the impact on environment was insignificant.

Amber Peak Center: Our Main Island Hon Thi has two peaks. Western peak we are proposing for development of
Botanical/Eco Park with Zip Line Station. Center would include outdoor activities as hiking and climbing tours, cycling, bird watching, orientation courses, camping etc. Eco park must be directly connected with marina by the road. Transportation is enabled by usage of electrical buggies. The road is also connecting next door Peak Getaway  Resort. Along this transition line propose Zip Line Station with more extreme sport features. At the  heart of the park on a very highest point we propose, bar and fine dining restaurant which has prime 360 degree vista position. Facility could feature terraced cluster of swimming pools with more private lounge spots.

Marina Component: Located on South-Western side of the Island, location gives it perfect orientation towards main coast and Nha Trang in order to accommodate public boats that are transporting guests from mainland. Position of Marina itself, secures parked yachts from open ocean influence and assure calm waters for its operation. Represents a huge revenue generator, with a range of facilities including: Yacht service, Yacht Supply and Yacht Charter Service (yachts rental). We are proposing marina project to definitely and surely upscale and upgrade our product, to connect our TARGET BUYERS with all development components on our Islands and more importantly with their future properties. In the same time, we are sure that Yacht market in Vietnam is going to flourish in foreseeable future. Position is very next to Blue Safari and Aqua Park. Sinergy of these three components should be amazing opportunity and Revenue Engine of the whole Development!

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