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High End Interior | Residential Tower Hanoi, Vietnam 2018 | Interior Concept Design 

PRINCIPAL ARCHITECT Ljupce Jovanovski, M. Arch.

Residential Development in Hanoi. Interior Design is executed in three options - finish and furnishing levels. The most expensive option, or high-end interior level incorporated premium materials, fixtures and furniture. We used newest furniture collection from world acclaimed furniture designer Thomas Bina, lighting fixtures were selected from brands like Sagarti (hand made gypsum elements, with Swarovski crystals, optical cables, wi-fi controlled lighting), or VIBIA, wall fixtures were executed in metal oxidized plating, or live green vertical gardens.

Mid Grade Interior option incorporated furniture from John Reeves Design, Lighting fixtures from LED C4 and Almerich Classic, walls in decorative coatings etc.

Low Grade Interior option included furniture, lighting and décor from A Concept.


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