Holiday Inn Project | Cam An Beach, Hoi An, Vietnam 2016-18 | Project Management

Holiday Inn Project | Cam An Beach, Hoi An, Vietnam 2016-18 | Project Management


ÆTERNA is engaging the Project throughout five critical phases of each Development: Inception, Planning, Execution, Control and Closing. Each phase is to be implemented in any PM activity or Discipline. Services that ÆTERNA provides in Project Management field are as follows:

  • Asset Management

  • Scheduling

  • Design Management

  • Sales & Marketing Management

  • Construction Supervision

  • Legal Management Support

  • Financing Management Support

We at ÆTERNA look at Project Management as an endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service and result. Every Project is unique, resulting in all PM activities not being a routine operation, but a specific set of operations designed to accomplish a singular goal. Success!

Our ÆTERNA values are not subject to changes in the association and business environment or dictated by trends in organization management. These values are fundamental and deeply held. As part of our ÆTERNA ideology, our ÆTERNA values are enduring and are guiding principles upon which we act.


At ÆTERNA , we believe in:

Project Management Impact | Project management is a critical competence that has a crucial influence on Development/Project end result!

Professionalism | Accountability and ethical behavior ensures our commitment to our Projects and our Clients!

Community | Bringing our colleagues and friends from all over the world, is the best way to advance the PM as an profession and facilitate our own growth at Vietnamese market!

Engagement | Encouraging diverse viewpoints and enabling individuals to contribute to the PM outcome of each Project!


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Project Management Showcase:

The following section is reserved as showcase of an real-life Project Management IMPACT. We will take example of Holiday Inn Project, Cam An Beach and go through in detail Program Parameters and end-result with Development outputs!